Friday, June 19, 2009

Lasallian Spirits

Those days are gone,
Time have passes and it shall wait for no one,
To those fortunate ones, you had a direct contact with Lasallian spirits,
To those not so fortunate ones, do not fear as We are still here,
Spreading the message and spirits of the Lasallian;

Our buildings might crumbled to the ground,
Our crosses might fall,
Our holy place might be demolish,
Our motto might be changed,
Our Alma Mater's might not longer be sang;

Fear not my fellow Lasallians,
Have faith in ourselves as,
Those I mentioned are merely physical evidence of our existance,
Remember you shall,
That our true existance is what inside our hearts;

Let's us show our enemies the true spirits of us,
Show them that the Lasallian spirits will not crumble,
Definately not by taking away our physical evidence of existance,
Show them that we are much more than that:

As we will not only won't crumble
We will even continue to raise to a higher level,
As we will continue to spread the Lasallian spirits,
To all the people in the world,far or near,
Not to change who they are but,
To make this world a better place.

Written by Saw,

Well this is the sort of poem that I write as a Farewell gift for our Beloved Brother Paul Ho who officially retires today. I hope that you all will spread this poem around and continue to spread the lasallian spirits. As from today I might know what will happen to our school but one thing i m sure of is that the Lasallian spirits must be pass on and it will continues to make someone life better. When in doubt always sang our Alma Mater as it is very meaningful.


At June 22, 2009 at 9:40 PM , Blogger DarkPrince said... ROCKS!!!i think find a day then all of us no matter from where also should meet back in SXI.we should organize a party then atleast can meet up those long lost frens n enjoy together.wat do u think saw?who will n wanna b the organizer?make it back like those schooling days..

At June 24, 2009 at 11:58 AM , Blogger sir Simply saw {sSs} said...

well of course is a good idea to have a gathering or reunion sort of but to get everyone together in large scale would be kinda difficult at the moment with diff timing of exam and locations
perhaps we should have a small scale gathering whenever we can
then perhaps we can organise one large scale when we are 25 i suppose
you can organise wat


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