Saturday, May 23, 2009

Induction at Wembley

After attending interview at Emirates Stadium 2 weeks ago for the position of Catering/Retail Assistant,I was given a call few days back to attend an Job Induction Training on 21st May now the venue for the training will be the 90,000 capacity Wembley Stadium. I was thrilled to visit Wembley Stadium although it takes me quite some time to reach there using public transportation as Wembley is more than 20 miles from where I currently staying, is like from my Home in Bukit Kukus to Batu Kawan for seafood just that here I have to uses buses,tube and DLR instead of having the privillage of using my beloved not so good quality national make car Proton Waja which I misses cause I made that car so personal to me, I mean even without the air brush,the cheap stickers and all those dolls most people can easily recognised my car from afar, Thats how personal my car is, I bet most of you will agree.

Anyway reach Wembley Stadium around 1700 while the training starts at 1730, so I decided to have a short tour outside of the stadium. Oh here is a fun fact, Wembley Stadium actually have 8 floors with high wall,which means is higher than Gembira Parade,Island Plaza and definately higher than Batu Kawan Stadium but I am not so sure it is higher than Bukit Jalil Stadium.

the view from Wembley Park station

the sign says it all

this is the Wembley Walkway

the Wembley stadium after the walkway

Well after registering with the security and giving my documents to the relevant personal, was escorted around Wembley to the training room. Honestly I think I might really get lost if I wandered around by myself as the place is huge and sophiscated. There was around 40 of us for that session of training. Oh yea, while I saw one very familiar face ,I know i know everybody seems to look familiar to me no matter where I go, is not like I know them it just that they look familiar,maybe something wrong with my eye-sight I guess, I mean at the beginning I can't even differentiate Yin Ying and Mei Yin when I first saw them. Anyway back to the point,the familiar face that I saw is a very petite ,sweet,young and hot Thai girl which I didn't get to know yet, yes I know some of you might be dissapointed with me but trust me I will get to know her the next time around, oh yea now I know why why she looks familiar because she looks something like Michelle Ng ,for those who don't know who is Michelle Ng kindly give Thean Mark a call and ask him about it.

There are alot of nice people in the group even the trainers are very nice and EXTREMELY HOT too, I will seeing some of them again this Sunday at Emirates Stadium. I had quite alot of fun during the training especially with some of the games although is some simple games but it is really fun and we get to interact.

Oh yea, never judge a book by its cover, I was sitting at the front row and there is this guy behind me who look pretty smart with his glasses and hair stlye and the look, he look like someone that you normally would like to go to when you have questions. OH MY, how wrong was I, this guy is what we call "KIANG OH HOR,MANG KEH KIANG". I mean he tried so freaking hard to steal the limelight and impressed the trainers but he failed miserably. I mean 9 out 10 things come out his mouth are BS and is total BS,is like he is trying to act like he knows everything but reality bites my friends you know almost freaking NOTHING so please don't pretend you know evrything. I think your IQ level shouldnt be able to exceed 75. The guy sitting next to me was smilling cunningly everytime that guy speaks, I m not sure it is because of what he says or is it because of his accent.

Anyway we were giving some short tour around Wembley after the training, I have to admit I m very impressed with the interior design of the stadium, it was simple,decent and yet classy at the same time. Wembley Stadium also accomodate the largest restaurant in London with the seating capacity of 2000 pax in a seating, man thats freaking huge for a restaurant.

security entrance,on match day 4800 personnel will pass through here

the interior of the stadium

I also managed to have a look at one of those VIP box, David Beckham had a box there too, each box costs around £100k - £150k a season without food and wine to unwind, thats just the cost of the box alone.You will have to pay extra for the food and wine. Anyway the view from the VIP box is superb and each room can accomodate around 25 pax , just to give you guys some rough idea in case any 0f you would like to get one for yourself.

view from one of the VIP box

The stadium looks beautiful at night too, finishes the training at 2115, manage to take a few picture of the night scene of the stadium.

Lastly, See Khoon I know you hates it when I mentioned your name in here but I m so excited that I will be working in Emirates Stadium this Sunday for the final match of the season in Arsenal Vs Stoke match.OMG I might bump into the real FATBREGAS although unlikely I will.

ps. I m looking for a new blog skin for my blog, if you come across any blog skin you think will suits me kindly tell me ya. Thanks



At May 23, 2009 at 5:52 AM , Blogger Winson said...

Saw, this is how you actually you should live ur life... Totally awesome.. If you get to meet any Arsenal player, then just try to trip them down... haha

At May 23, 2009 at 6:08 AM , Blogger sir Simply saw {sSs} said...

I don't think I would , the players entrance/tunnel are top secret although I think I can easily locate it as I m an top secret agent after
Nah i wont do such thing like tripping them over, they will POKKAI by themselves so no worries


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