Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Away till 22nd July 09

Hi people,

i am sorry i wont be updating for a while as i am still deciding on either getting a new template or getting my own domain for my blog/site as most of you can see that the template I was using gives me problems. I should be up and running again roughly in the 20s of July 09. This time will go in depth of Saw's life.

Do check back here for updates ya


Friday, July 3, 2009

You can see it coming your way but yet you cant prevent it from happening !

Have you ever see something is coming your way and yet you cant prevent it from happening ?

thats exactly what happened to me today I guess.

As some of you know I work occasionally in Wembley and Emirates stadium as catering assistant. The way they arrange my job is that they will send me a SMS with a code and I am suppose to reply YES + the code if i accept the job offer or simply reply NO if I reject it. They will only send me my CONFIRMATION to work just a day before the event and sometimes I will only get the SMS confirmation around 2030.

This week and next week there will be Take That 'The Beautiful Tour' and Oasis concerts in Wembley so it will be rather busy. So the company in order to encourage the workers like me to work all 7 days during the 2 concerts they will reward anyone who works all 7 days will receive £70 bonus in the end. When I receive this SMS I was rather glad because £70 can pay some of my bills, after a while I get this feeling that is was just some BIG CORPORATE COMPANY SCAM , well all they have to do is don't confirm me for just 1 day during the 7 days and I shall not eligible for the bonus anymore.

Yesterday I waited for my confirmations SMS for today job but I waited till 4 something I decided to give them a call to confirm my confirmation for today but nobody answer even I try calling few times. Thats when I start to have some bad feelings. I waited whole night and no SMS receive. As the sun rises and when office hour starts I gave them a call , after calling a few time someone pick up my call. What i fear most become reality, the guy answer my call said that I am not confirm for today event and asked me not to turn up as they already fully staffed for today. Then he add on saying that I am confirm to work for Saturday and Sunday. Then I ask him about my confirmation for next week, he told me that I am confirm for all 3 days for next week. I was like WTF, u can confirm me to work for the rest of the events but not for today only ? How can this kind of thing happen with such big corporate company ?

Well I guess is what I fear from the beginning, the so call BONUS was just a trick and SCAM from the beginning. I was rather upset and devastated after the call but I tell myself just be upset for 5 minutes, then I went and cook my breakfast , after that I totally let go of it but I will always remember this lesson well learnt. No matter how small or how big you are ,you can be a SCAMMER after all. It was a lost of some materials gains but income in experience wise. I guess i just have to take extra precautions after this. I mean whats the point crying of spill milk right especially I am not into milk.

So today be my off day instead of working day because of something I can see it coming but cant prevent it from happening. It doesnt matter anymore as today could be the greatest day of my life. Is another chapther of my life in UK.


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My last shed tears

one of the + point in having an unpopular blog is that you can actually write and post whatever you want without having to worry about simply expressing myself. I dont have to worry about getting ISAed , i dont have to worry about offending people and i dont have to worry about YOU.

most of us have alot of unforgetful memories throughout our life, one of my thats still vivid in my memory is my last shed tears up today. Well it happened quite some time ago while i still wore white pants to school.

whats the reason i shed my tears ? is love of course, i mean what else can really make a boy cry if not because of love ? well back then as who I am, i fall in love and get out of love quite easily.Is not that I am not loyal of something it just that I learn to let go easily so I wouldnt get hurt so much, and please dont be wrong to assume that i am a playboy.I am definately mean it when I say I Love You.

ok lets start my romantic story that well known but unheard by many, back then I bump into this girl, a cute and petite girl i would say, we sort of met through school activities, she caught my eyes the first time I really see her. After our first meeting we sort of bump into each other few times after that, being in a small island I manage to get her contact, after that I sort of sms and call her regularly but as a friend of course.

For you guys info, she was a lesbian when I first knew her. Someone who seriously in love with her lesbian partner. Oh yea she was sort of attached with another girl at that time. After a few meetings and frequent communications between us, i guess there are some feelings grow within two of us.Not long after that she broke up with her 'BF'. I shall say our relationship blooms after that. Things go quite well between us until 1 day , the day that I couldnt forget till today.

She asked me to call back while I am still in a camp. I gave her a call back immediately during break time. She was sobbing when she answered the call, being someone who is totally in love with I ask her whats wrong, then she replied "Why do you have to lie to me ? why do you wanna be playboy ? why you didnt tell me you having a relationship with *** ? , why do you have to hurt me like that ?"
I was in total shocked and out of words , then I take a deep breath and answer her " When did I lie to you ? what happened ? what have I done ?" and she replied "You lie to me when you say you love me , why do you lie to me ?"
I said " Since when I lie to you ? I really love you " and tears begin to drop to my cheeks.
Then she said "People been telling me that you are in a relationship with *** and you are double timing me"
My reply was " I never lie to you and I really love you, you rather listen to rumours than to believe in me ?"
She said "I dont know who to trust anymore?" and she begin to cry
I replied "You can trust me, I really love you"
She said " Don't call me anymore, I don't wish to talk to you anymore, do not call me again" and then she hang up on me.
I was speechless and totally devastated. I try to call back a few times but my calls went unanswered.I was left alone and I shed tears at that time.

To cut my story short, our relationship went downhill from there. My explanations went awry, not long after that I heard that she went back together with her ex. Thats the stody then last time i shed my tears. Till today I still dont understand why she doesnt believe me, is it because I am not trustworthy or is it her heart never left that person and she uses this an excuse to make her feel better.

It is unknown mystery till today so it will be another unanswered questions in my life.
The reason I am writing this out is just simply for ranting and no other reason.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Lasallian Spirits

Those days are gone,
Time have passes and it shall wait for no one,
To those fortunate ones, you had a direct contact with Lasallian spirits,
To those not so fortunate ones, do not fear as We are still here,
Spreading the message and spirits of the Lasallian;

Our buildings might crumbled to the ground,
Our crosses might fall,
Our holy place might be demolish,
Our motto might be changed,
Our Alma Mater's might not longer be sang;

Fear not my fellow Lasallians,
Have faith in ourselves as,
Those I mentioned are merely physical evidence of our existance,
Remember you shall,
That our true existance is what inside our hearts;

Let's us show our enemies the true spirits of us,
Show them that the Lasallian spirits will not crumble,
Definately not by taking away our physical evidence of existance,
Show them that we are much more than that:

As we will not only won't crumble
We will even continue to raise to a higher level,
As we will continue to spread the Lasallian spirits,
To all the people in the world,far or near,
Not to change who they are but,
To make this world a better place.

Written by Saw,

Well this is the sort of poem that I write as a Farewell gift for our Beloved Brother Paul Ho who officially retires today. I hope that you all will spread this poem around and continue to spread the lasallian spirits. As from today I might know what will happen to our school but one thing i m sure of is that the Lasallian spirits must be pass on and it will continues to make someone life better. When in doubt always sang our Alma Mater as it is very meaningful.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


We should sing this song together at 0830AM in Msia as it should be roughly the same time the song is sang back in St.Xavier's Institution for the last time in front of our beloved Brother Principal who is going to retired. It really is one of the historic moments for all of us since March 08. I am glad that I am a part of this magnificant traditions and all these I am proud to call myself Xaverian, La sallian legacy will always be inside me since I was there since Standard 1 till Upper 6, thats 13 years directly involved with La Sallian tradition. well today is not about me is all about LASALLIAN

lets sing our Alma Mater together with 1600 Xaverians in the basketball court in front of Brother Paul Ho for the last time before he retires


All through our college a voice is resounding,
Promptly respond to your duty's sweet call,
Hearken you all for the trumpet is sounding,
Your mater's proclaiming her watchwords to all

Forward her children dear,
Ever with hearts sincere,
Render with joy to your mater her due,
All that is vile reject,
Heaven will e'er protect,
Sons of St Xavier's valiant and true,

Labour will conquer your motto still bearing,
Forward with courage in ways that are just,
True to your standard, be doing and daring,
As faithful Xaverians in Heaven your trust

Forward her children dear,
Ever with hearts sincere,
Render with joy to your mater her due,
All that is vile reject,
Heaven will e'er protect,
Sons of St Xavier's valiant and true!



simple changes big differences

ok i am just gonna write a short entry this time, as i accidentally deleted my previous post before i have the chance to post it..hehehe, silly me

well i would like to write about changes here,

how many of you have friends that you havent met or contacted for years or maybe even just for a few months ? then suddenly you bump into him or her and somehow i mean somehow that friend of yours is no longer how u remembered , she/he simply change so much that you simply don't recognize him at all... the changes can be in the form of physically,looks,aura,personailities,attitude or doesnt matter for good or for bad...

i take some time out to check out on updates on people that i dont really keep in touch with, oh my my it seem that they are so different from what i remembered, it seems like i did miss alot from their life

then you asked yourself how come some people can change so much and somehow i felt that i m still the same, i don't feel any significant changes in me...

well honestly thats exactly what on my mind right now, somehow i felt that i am almost the same since primary school i guess, not much changes in me i guess, i am still who i am i suppose.. have i change ? or i still remain the same ?
somehow i just feel that i need to do more,
to go to the extreme ,
to make real changes,
to set myself free

to keep it simple i would like to change so much that SAW will be WAS


Thursday, June 4, 2009

MAN BOOBS !!! either u love them or you hate them

Ok i know this is kinda sick stuff to talk about but hey I am proud of my man boobs.To those who doesnt know whats a man boobs is you will definately have a clear picture after you finish reading all this.As obesity rate going up each year you wont be suprise to see more and more men with man boobs as man boobs is sort of like excessive lump of fats in a man,thats what make a man boobs.

Lets have a look at man boobs shall we ?

Attractive arent they ? lol i apologize to those who are eating while viewing this. Anyway if this is your fetish you can view it more at MANBOOBS.

Anyway I myself do own a very gorgeous pair of man boobs, definately much nicer than the one I show you.

Now let me share a short story on my man boobs, well to those that are close to me or was my classmates when in high school definately had a good view of my gorgeous man boobs, and I know some of you naughty boys like to oggle over it. HAHAHa.... I am sure most of you guys still miss those moments when is time for PE as those are what we call SHOW TIME !!!

I would say that my man boobs contributes alot to mankind, as for many young men while there are still young boys my man boobs are the closest thing they ever see in real life that come close to BREASTs. To some lucky and curious one who even go as far as molesting me to have a feel of something similar to breast I hope you all will still remember how my man boobs felt in your hand,
the URGES and
and I forgive all of you for molesting me although it is against my will but is ok as my man boobs said so.

Those nightmare are still fresh in my memory, when is time for PE everyone will close the doors and windows and shout "Saw, saw, SAW ! saw Saw saw SAW ! " as i tried to get change, when I remove my clothes completely their will shouts with excitement, I felt terrible and afraid just like someone performing in freak show but what can I do ? someone have to be sacrifice for all of them, to satisfied their urges and curiousity and somehow I was chosen.

I am sure that my man boobs gave most of you some unforgettable and memorable experience, is like Jack having his first kiss, See Khoon eating his western food, soon ping flirting with the girls, Jim singing to the Hymm

To all the ladies out there especially those who their BFs, partnes used to be my schoolmates and close to me,
please don't be jealous when they close their eyes when feeling you breast while imagining it was my when making love to you.
please don't be offended that your partner know how to feel your breast as he uses my to practise it.
please don't be angry when he called for my name when he had his sweetest dream and
please don't be upset when he said " I have seen a much better one " as I am very sure he was just refering to my man boobs and not some other girls breast

Ladies don't worry,no matter how much your men love my man boobs the person they really love is still you,I m just some form of extra entertainment to them.

Well well i guess thats all for today, to those who felt disgusted reading don't hate me for it as I m just writing the truth, the truth might be painful but is ok cause Saw is here.

I been talking on how gorgeous my man boobs are but never show them to you that never seen it before, how can I right ? you all know Saw wont be so cruel... Here is a preview of the gorgeousness of my MAN BOOBS

credit to Lim Yen Mei for this photo