Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Shall I or Shall I not ?

I m sure you ppl have at least heard of people like Raja Petra Kamarudin or widely known as RPK or perhaps even Namewee famous for his 'Negarakuku' song even if you didnt idolize them. So what do both of them have in common ? they simply are brave enough to speaks out the truth and expose the EPIDEMIC that strikes us from inside out in our beloved country. RPK does it by writing while Namewee does it through songs.

To be honest I havent really been following up with news in Msia since I m here in Manchester especially on the political scene but I m sure nothing much have changed as the going goes "leopard never changes its spot" . DSAI who once I thought could cure this EPIDEMIC only turn out to be a roadside medicine seller who promises EVERYTHING but achieve NOTHING in fact is very dissapointing.

While maybe I m here maybe for only 2 months but I have learned alot on what does 1st class country really means and how things can improve back in our country.Where everyone are treated almost equally, how everyone can get everything they deserve , how corruption can be minimized and how Barack Obama can be the President of America. I know i might be naive to think that Msia can be the elite country in the world but I do have faith with people of Msia, I believe that one day and the day are not far away that we can be the role model of the world.

I know there is no perfect country in this world but what we can do is at least to make it a better country for everyone to live in. I m not writing about special rights of certain race but what I want just a better place for everyone. Is that wrong ? no I dont think so. I might not be as holy or saint as Jesus but I m sure that I m not wrong in wanting a better country.

You don't really make everyone life better by banning the sales of alcohol or perhaps by banning Yoga practice , you just make a laughing stock of yourself by doing that.

What I m trying to say that we all should stand together to build our country into a much better and peaceful place to live in. Shall we try to change the situation in our country ? WE SHOULD AND WE WILL.

I m always interested to be involve with politics directly or indirectly, Shall I or Shall I not get involve with it ? is always a question in my mind. Perhaps you should too. It would be nice to have a few old friends or schoolmates sitting around inside the Parliment.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Good Luck

I would like to wish all my Students & Friends all the best in their exam...
Hope that all of you will get excellent results and to some of my students I do hope that miracles will happen and God will smile on you and not laugh at you, I m sure you know what I meant *winks*