Monday, May 25, 2009

Prostitution and the story behind it

As a avid reader of Malaysia Today, I do try to read the articles every other day then today I come across this article with the title "Malaysia and The PPP Disease", is a quite long article about politics, do read it if you are interested with politics which most of you still don't but maybe you will later in life but definately not now. The PPP stands for the overdose of POLITICS, PROSTITUTES and PERAK, well in my this entry you people should just ignore the POLITICS and PERAK well at least just for this article. Now all of us should concentrate on the PROSTITUTES.

Well sex trade is sort of illegal in Malaysia, at least thats how our government perceive it but according to Tenaganita a non-governmental organisation the industry is reaping RM 3 billion in 2008 alone. This is the article that comes with it.

Malaysia sex trade reaping RM3 billion in 2008

Sex trade is illegal in Malaysia but that didn’t stop it from reaping whooping RM3 billion profits last year according to Tenaganita a non-governmental organisation.

Tenaganita estimated that the number of prostitutes in the country at least 150,000 with more than 10,000 operating in the Klang Valley alone.

A prostitute monthly earning easily surpassing that of a minister, university professor or high ranking government officers.

Charging an average of RM150 an hour, eight client per day, working seven-day a week, a prostitute ends up making RM36,000 a month said Aegile Fernandez, Tenaganita anti-human trafficking coordinator.

“Serving an average of eight clients a day, she ends up making RM1,200 daily and possibly RM36,000 a month,” she said.

According to Aegile, syndicates that run brothels usually have up to 100 girls under them.

The first thing that came to my mind the first thing I saw the figure is that we do have plenty of FARKERS in Malaysia eventhough most of them don't admit it but we are sure from this figure that those FARKERS are out there so becareful all of you girls and guys. I mean RM 3 billion is a HUGE figure especially for a country that SEX is consider a TABOO in our daily conversation.
I mean how many of you guys out there brag to your Dad when you bang a freaking hot chick you just met in a club last night ?
how many of you guys admits that you watched porn when your parents ask ?
how do you find out about masturbation and wet dreams ? definately not through your parents I suppose.

Then there are the girls, who do you ask how to prevent pregnancy ?
who do you first talk to when your period decided to skip its monthly routine because you had some unprotective sex few months ago?
who do you consult when you lose your virginity ?

OK now back to the point, IMHO(in my honest opinion) prostitutions is not a really a bad thing, well is not that I agree with it but somehow is simply part of the society ,it does more good than harm to the society. Prostitutions is like the oldest freaking trade in the world, it begins since God knows when. Come on do the maths
RM 3 billion /150 per session = 20 millions session of sex happens during last year alone.Now imagine there are no prostitution in the world and just 1% of the 20 millions lead to rape then we will have like 200000 new cases of raping every year. I know prostitution had its bad side like human traficking,drug abuse, HIV and social ills but if prostitution are managed properly like some other industry with ISO certification or health care I m sure is not that bad after all. Now let us look at the good side of Prostitution

1. It somehow reduces rape (I know there are still alot of sick bastard out there who rapes babies)
2. It reduces unplanned pregnancy ( Guys will stop pestering their girls for sex all the time )
3. It gives those loser out there a little bit of hope knowing women and understanding sex
( HELLO not every guy get to bang the opposite sex, although you can if you just aim for the hole but chemistry wise is not possible,i believe sex is not just about the guys getting their urges fulfilled but also satisfying the ladies out there)
4. It contributes to the economy ( If we do it properly,prostitutes will have to be tax and that will give use money for econoic growth although most part of it will lead to the pocket of some politicians which they use on prostitutions)
5. It gives those women/men some hope in their life,I know ethically it might be wrong but your family near starved to death I don't think you would care about what is ethically correct or not
( not everyone can afford going to Uni or leaving the poverty life but by choosing prostitution they MIGHT just be able to do it although is not advisable but Hey is a way better than a dead end)
6. Others, things that you can think about but I can't, feel free to contribute by posting in the comment section

If you still think prostitution is all and nothing good come out from it then think again after watching this clip.

It might even help you find your true love, it might be rare but it still happens my friends.

ps. to all those people who start judging me for writing this entry I would say to the hell with you, nobody judges me except myself and never ever judge anyone even she/he might be a prostitute, who are you to judge them ?


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Induction at Wembley

After attending interview at Emirates Stadium 2 weeks ago for the position of Catering/Retail Assistant,I was given a call few days back to attend an Job Induction Training on 21st May now the venue for the training will be the 90,000 capacity Wembley Stadium. I was thrilled to visit Wembley Stadium although it takes me quite some time to reach there using public transportation as Wembley is more than 20 miles from where I currently staying, is like from my Home in Bukit Kukus to Batu Kawan for seafood just that here I have to uses buses,tube and DLR instead of having the privillage of using my beloved not so good quality national make car Proton Waja which I misses cause I made that car so personal to me, I mean even without the air brush,the cheap stickers and all those dolls most people can easily recognised my car from afar, Thats how personal my car is, I bet most of you will agree.

Anyway reach Wembley Stadium around 1700 while the training starts at 1730, so I decided to have a short tour outside of the stadium. Oh here is a fun fact, Wembley Stadium actually have 8 floors with high wall,which means is higher than Gembira Parade,Island Plaza and definately higher than Batu Kawan Stadium but I am not so sure it is higher than Bukit Jalil Stadium.

the view from Wembley Park station

the sign says it all

this is the Wembley Walkway

the Wembley stadium after the walkway

Well after registering with the security and giving my documents to the relevant personal, was escorted around Wembley to the training room. Honestly I think I might really get lost if I wandered around by myself as the place is huge and sophiscated. There was around 40 of us for that session of training. Oh yea, while I saw one very familiar face ,I know i know everybody seems to look familiar to me no matter where I go, is not like I know them it just that they look familiar,maybe something wrong with my eye-sight I guess, I mean at the beginning I can't even differentiate Yin Ying and Mei Yin when I first saw them. Anyway back to the point,the familiar face that I saw is a very petite ,sweet,young and hot Thai girl which I didn't get to know yet, yes I know some of you might be dissapointed with me but trust me I will get to know her the next time around, oh yea now I know why why she looks familiar because she looks something like Michelle Ng ,for those who don't know who is Michelle Ng kindly give Thean Mark a call and ask him about it.

There are alot of nice people in the group even the trainers are very nice and EXTREMELY HOT too, I will seeing some of them again this Sunday at Emirates Stadium. I had quite alot of fun during the training especially with some of the games although is some simple games but it is really fun and we get to interact.

Oh yea, never judge a book by its cover, I was sitting at the front row and there is this guy behind me who look pretty smart with his glasses and hair stlye and the look, he look like someone that you normally would like to go to when you have questions. OH MY, how wrong was I, this guy is what we call "KIANG OH HOR,MANG KEH KIANG". I mean he tried so freaking hard to steal the limelight and impressed the trainers but he failed miserably. I mean 9 out 10 things come out his mouth are BS and is total BS,is like he is trying to act like he knows everything but reality bites my friends you know almost freaking NOTHING so please don't pretend you know evrything. I think your IQ level shouldnt be able to exceed 75. The guy sitting next to me was smilling cunningly everytime that guy speaks, I m not sure it is because of what he says or is it because of his accent.

Anyway we were giving some short tour around Wembley after the training, I have to admit I m very impressed with the interior design of the stadium, it was simple,decent and yet classy at the same time. Wembley Stadium also accomodate the largest restaurant in London with the seating capacity of 2000 pax in a seating, man thats freaking huge for a restaurant.

security entrance,on match day 4800 personnel will pass through here

the interior of the stadium

I also managed to have a look at one of those VIP box, David Beckham had a box there too, each box costs around £100k - £150k a season without food and wine to unwind, thats just the cost of the box alone.You will have to pay extra for the food and wine. Anyway the view from the VIP box is superb and each room can accomodate around 25 pax , just to give you guys some rough idea in case any 0f you would like to get one for yourself.

view from one of the VIP box

The stadium looks beautiful at night too, finishes the training at 2115, manage to take a few picture of the night scene of the stadium.

Lastly, See Khoon I know you hates it when I mentioned your name in here but I m so excited that I will be working in Emirates Stadium this Sunday for the final match of the season in Arsenal Vs Stoke match.OMG I might bump into the real FATBREGAS although unlikely I will.

ps. I m looking for a new blog skin for my blog, if you come across any blog skin you think will suits me kindly tell me ya. Thanks


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Russell Pete , Red , White and Brown

I always like comedy and in my opinion Russell Pete is one of the best stand up comedian I come across, maybe I like him is because I can really relate to his jokes, He likes to jokes about Indian , Chinese and African race. Well I was lucky to come across his latest show , and as usual is really up to the standard so I would like to share it with all of you and hope you ppl really like it. ENJOY


'Somebody gonna get hurt real bad tonight'


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Virtual EVE- the new way to have sex

Few days ago while I was cooking my dinner, I ACCIDENTLY saw my housemate looking at something like porno, so with curiousity I peek at his laptop monitor and saw something like 3D kind of porn. So I shouted at him "OI Pete what you looking at ?" and he nervously try to hide but come on no one can hide anything from Saw's Long Chen Fu Ngan right. He happily show me and tell me what he is looking at.

It is some sort of ermm interactive 3D sex game you see, so out of curiousity and definately not out of pervercy I checked out the website at Virtual Eve , well here is what they write at the main page
Have you ever watched an adult movie and wished it was more... interactive? What if you could freely reposition the camera to get a better view? What if you could direct the action? Heck, what if you could get in on the action? With Virtual EVE™, you're the director and the star of your very own interactive virtual porn movie!

So basically is targeting those people who are sick of adult porn which I doubt anyone will and those ppl willing to pay $ 19.95 to buy an EVE to sort of be the actress for your own adult movie. So being a good samaritan I decided to download the free demo and see for myself what is this thing all about on behalf of my beloved reader, Hail to Saw as I sacrifice myself for all of you so that none of you shall be sinned of any way from this website as I shall look into it myself and reveal it to all of YOU. MAN who say Saw is a selfish fat bastard ? Anyway you can download the free demo from here DOWNLOAD .

The only position that I can sort of see in the free Demo is DOGGY STLYE, and they sort of BLACKENED the tits and cocks because is a free version, you can get them uncensored by buying the Full Version. Well they even provide you fake sounds when the guy is humping the girl and you are free to rotate the view, is like when you are playing 3D MMORPG games. Here is a screen shot from the free demo.

you can see from here that they CENSORED the private part

So basically this is Virtual Sex Game for those not so lucky guys out there or even girls to fulfil and live your own fantasy the way you can ever imagined for the price of $ 19.95 only. I mean view the website at your own discretion and I have sacrifice myself for all of you so that you dont have to be sinned but if you choose to do sinful things that I shall hold no responsibilities in any way.

The following are screenshots I got from the website and is totally UNCENSORED !!! I try to figure what every positions in the picture are called by googling it but I am no master in Karma Sutra so I might be mistaken and the masters out there do enlighten me if there is any wrong with the description.

69 in action

footjob i think

the almighty Doggy style

lotus or jellyfish

prison break ..ooops I mean prison guard
side to side or spoons ? i got no idea

the classic missionary

deep impacto

the brigde but definately not Stamford Bridge or London Bridge

stand and carry not cash and carry
another side to side or spoons

Asian cowgirl
Deep stick @ deep shit mate

see khoon's favourite , lol why dont u guys guess what is it

I get all those name of the position from HERE . I guess thats all for now, cheerss and happy virtualing


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

EMIRATES here I come

Been job searching all over the places, but so far not much luck until TODAY, 13 May , I was finally called for an interview for a JOB !!! OMG ... So far until today dont really have much luck with job searching because either the people looking for permenant type of person or HANDSOME, since I m not UK citizen or HANDSOME so basically with my criteria I cant even pass the first round of application so dont mention get called for an interview..

Last week ,I bump into an advert looking for part-time Event Retail Assistant , so I was thinking what the heck just go ahead and apply and they asked me to go for interview today. Do you know where is the location of my interview ? TAADAA

Yup it was at See Khoon & Gang beloved Emirates Stadium... Well honestly I knew before hand what this company does thats why I applied for it.. This company DNC that I am applying for is the sole provider for Catering and Hospitality Section for Wembley Stadium, Emirates Stadium and Pride Park, well you see Pride Park isnt really a park is the home ground of Derby County FC. So basically what this company does is in charge of food and alcohol for those stadium matches and events.

So I went for interview that scheduled at 1000 but I depart from my place at 0720 for a journey that take me around 1 and half hour because I was very excited you see, working in a stadium while I m here is part of my dream and plan and now I got the chance to work in at least THREE stadiums ,THREE totally awesome and cool and fun and sweet stadium. Reach around 0845, so decided to walk around and see if I can bump into Fabregas and tell him I got a friend name FATbregas

I was quite shocked when I reach because I saw like few hundreds or maybe even thousand of people sitting upstairs in the conference room, I mean I know the unemployment rate is freaking high like 2.2 Million but what the fuck with so many people applying for this job even though I was nervous and confident at the same time.. Then I walked forward and ask a guy looking like a security guard, " Excuse me Sir, is this where the DNC job interview took place ? " and he gave me the 'umm, what the fuck' type of look and say " Nop, this is the contestants for the X Factor audition" . Honestly at the moment I was so relieved is like JACK FINALLY GOT HIS FIRST KISS and get tongue tied. X FACTOR is something like Akademi Fantasia, American Idol, Britan Got Talent those kind of reality series. Here is a clip on X FACTOR

Ok back to me, finally manage to get to the interview location after asking at the Security Office. The interview location is at the very cool dining area inside the stadium that normally would cost £300 pax for hospitality during the match, so I had quite a good view of the field but too bad I couldnt take picture of it because we have turn off our phone but nevermind I will have my chance soon. The first batch of candidates roughly around 30 of us which is quite a big group since they have like 5 or 6 interview sessions. Suprisingly among the 30 of us there are no WHITE , white as I mean caucasian,ang moh, yellow monkey or anyway you would like to put it. 60% were Indians, 30% African and 10% Chinese, I guess this type of job not that popular among them I guess.

Is been a while since I been to an interview so I would say my performance during the interview isnt what it should be, I could do better but I didnt, although I think I did quite badly but somehow the interviewer decided that he will give me a chance, so basically I sort of get the job but I do have to go through a few training sessions on the company, Health and Safety , Fire Procedures before my appointment is confirm. So I guess I will be working in stadium during COOL matches soon. That is not too bad for a start even though is only occasional and part time position.

I really hope that I can get to start work soon, I know EPL season is nearly over but we have alot of World Cup qualifying and friendly matches coming up which I hope I will be able to participate in it. See May 13 isnt that bad after all, is only bad because a handful of idiot make it bad.