Friday, July 3, 2009

You can see it coming your way but yet you cant prevent it from happening !

Have you ever see something is coming your way and yet you cant prevent it from happening ?

thats exactly what happened to me today I guess.

As some of you know I work occasionally in Wembley and Emirates stadium as catering assistant. The way they arrange my job is that they will send me a SMS with a code and I am suppose to reply YES + the code if i accept the job offer or simply reply NO if I reject it. They will only send me my CONFIRMATION to work just a day before the event and sometimes I will only get the SMS confirmation around 2030.

This week and next week there will be Take That 'The Beautiful Tour' and Oasis concerts in Wembley so it will be rather busy. So the company in order to encourage the workers like me to work all 7 days during the 2 concerts they will reward anyone who works all 7 days will receive £70 bonus in the end. When I receive this SMS I was rather glad because £70 can pay some of my bills, after a while I get this feeling that is was just some BIG CORPORATE COMPANY SCAM , well all they have to do is don't confirm me for just 1 day during the 7 days and I shall not eligible for the bonus anymore.

Yesterday I waited for my confirmations SMS for today job but I waited till 4 something I decided to give them a call to confirm my confirmation for today but nobody answer even I try calling few times. Thats when I start to have some bad feelings. I waited whole night and no SMS receive. As the sun rises and when office hour starts I gave them a call , after calling a few time someone pick up my call. What i fear most become reality, the guy answer my call said that I am not confirm for today event and asked me not to turn up as they already fully staffed for today. Then he add on saying that I am confirm to work for Saturday and Sunday. Then I ask him about my confirmation for next week, he told me that I am confirm for all 3 days for next week. I was like WTF, u can confirm me to work for the rest of the events but not for today only ? How can this kind of thing happen with such big corporate company ?

Well I guess is what I fear from the beginning, the so call BONUS was just a trick and SCAM from the beginning. I was rather upset and devastated after the call but I tell myself just be upset for 5 minutes, then I went and cook my breakfast , after that I totally let go of it but I will always remember this lesson well learnt. No matter how small or how big you are ,you can be a SCAMMER after all. It was a lost of some materials gains but income in experience wise. I guess i just have to take extra precautions after this. I mean whats the point crying of spill milk right especially I am not into milk.

So today be my off day instead of working day because of something I can see it coming but cant prevent it from happening. It doesnt matter anymore as today could be the greatest day of my life. Is another chapther of my life in UK.



At July 4, 2009 at 11:22 AM , Blogger DarkPrince said...

aiya..screw them la saw..find sum part time that u can do at home infront of ur comp la better

At July 4, 2009 at 4:55 PM , Blogger sir Simply saw {sSs} said...

if i just screw them is sort of like avoiding problems only..
part time job do in front of comp ?
i was thinking selling myself on9
dunno can boh

At July 7, 2009 at 1:56 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't sell yourself dude, Its not worth it at all for it will destroy what you have liven up on in terms of belief and reasons for your existence. pls consider this even though its from an anonymous person


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