Wednesday, June 17, 2009

simple changes big differences

ok i am just gonna write a short entry this time, as i accidentally deleted my previous post before i have the chance to post it..hehehe, silly me

well i would like to write about changes here,

how many of you have friends that you havent met or contacted for years or maybe even just for a few months ? then suddenly you bump into him or her and somehow i mean somehow that friend of yours is no longer how u remembered , she/he simply change so much that you simply don't recognize him at all... the changes can be in the form of physically,looks,aura,personailities,attitude or doesnt matter for good or for bad...

i take some time out to check out on updates on people that i dont really keep in touch with, oh my my it seem that they are so different from what i remembered, it seems like i did miss alot from their life

then you asked yourself how come some people can change so much and somehow i felt that i m still the same, i don't feel any significant changes in me...

well honestly thats exactly what on my mind right now, somehow i felt that i am almost the same since primary school i guess, not much changes in me i guess, i am still who i am i suppose.. have i change ? or i still remain the same ?
somehow i just feel that i need to do more,
to go to the extreme ,
to make real changes,
to set myself free

to keep it simple i would like to change so much that SAW will be WAS



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